Our thundering drum routine is a must see act. The sound and power the perfomance offers works brilliantly at any event.


Our drum rountine can be a two to six man routine depending on availability. Using authentic hand made Chinese drums, our routine offers a spectacular visual and audio combination like nothing you've ever seen.





Kung fu is one of the oldest Martial Arts. It shows strength, dexterity and discipline and makes for a fantastic performance.


we perform fist form routines, weapon routines as well as choregraphed routines between two people demonstarting how weapons are used.


Our performers have 25 years of experience and in that time have perfomed all over the UK and Hong Kong and China.

The Chinese lion dance is an amazing spectacle of colour, acrobatics and sound.


This ancient tradition dates back thousands of years and is traditionally performed for good luck.


Our professional lion dancers perform routines that have been choregraphed to show their skill, dexterity and strength. The lion dance is accompanied by live traditional music which includes the big Chinese drum, gong and cymbals.


The lion dance always attracts big crowds at outdoor events and is the perfect performance for a wedding or party if you are looking for something different. It is also a great way to promote products and perfect for corporate events.




We are the go to team for events of all kinds. From weddings and parties to corporate events, restaurant openings to product promotion days, we can perform a wide range of perfomances to suit your needs.

The Dragon is synonymous with the far east. Our perfomance of the dragon chasing the pearl consists of 7-10 people running, jumping and swirling a 55ft long dragon to recreate a flying dragon.


The dragon is a great show piece at big events and corporate shows.


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