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Chan Heung founded Choy Lee fut in 1836. He lived in king mui village, which is in Sun Wui district in Kwangtung province, South West China.

He was trained by three Masters, Choy fok, Lee yau san, and his uncle Chan yuen-woo, he named his new fighting system after them, except for Chan yuen woo, instead he used the term fut(Buddha) out of respect for Chan who was a Shaolin monk, And so Choy Lee Fut was born.

Chan Heung passed on his style to his two sons Chan on Pak,and Chan koon Pak.One of Chan koon paks students was Fong yuk shu, who went on to teach Chan Hon heung,(known as the king of spears).He taught Chew Yew Jong and one of Chew Yew Jongs students was Ng How Tak (Edmund Ng).

The system spread from King Mui village to Guangzhou, fatsan, and Hong Kong as different schools opened, the system split into three styles, two were called Hung Sing and the other Bak Sing, Although they all have the same origin they have developed there own distinct characteristics.

Choy Lee Fut uses long arm swings. palm strikes, elbows and the forearms, it contains deep stances, so strong flexible legs are required.

Choy Lee Fut also uses the traditional weapons, Spear, broadsword, Pole, Gwan Do, 3 Section Staff to name but a few.



Dave began training at 14 years old. At that time there were not many good quality Chinese Masters willing to teach English students, so he trained under an English instructor for 3 yrs. As more books were published on Chinese Martial Arts Dave realised that what he was learning, was not authentic Kung Fu. Eventually he joined the British Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu Association, and went on to become a partner where he taught the Wah Lum Preying Mantis System.

He travelled to Florida for many years, training at the Wah Lum Temple under master Chan Pui. He eventually became Master Chans representative in the UK.

Dave qualified for the 2nd world Wu Shu Championships in 1986; the Team came 5th over all out of 25 countries. He has also competed in the USA as part of the British Kuoshu Team, gaining a forth place with his Double Broadswords form.

Dave has successfully coached many of his students to international standard and they have gone on to win medals in China and the USA.

After competing at his last Tournament in Seattle, he was feeling that although the Wah Lum system had great forms there was something missing, and it was at this meeting in Seattle that he found Choy Lee Fut. Great forms but done with such speed and power. Back in the Uk he took his team to the 1st

Euro Wirral kung fu Tournament, where he met Master Edmund Ng of the Choy Lee Fut system, and although Dave's team won several categories, he was so impressed with the standard of Master Ngs students, he travelled up to his school in Newcastle and became a student. Sifu Dave Hawkins now teaches Choy Lee Fut in the midlands and is a 7th generation sifu.

Dave is also an very accomplished Lion dancer.The lion dance is an integral part of any kung fu club and Dave first started after he returned from China in 1986. He was taught by a Chinese friend who was a great Lion Dancer back in Hong Kong, his name is Wai Po Cheng (David) he was also a C.L.F student when he was young.Over the next few years, Dave built up the skills needed to perform the lion dance well(a very important factor). He then began to teach his kung fu students the correct steps, musical rhythms and meaning behind the lion dance.

His team are now held in very high regard all over the Country. The 2011 chinese new year celebrations saw the team perform over 50 shows. The number seems to increase every year. Dave has commited so much of his life to training and teaching that its great he and his club get the recognition they deserve. He is always looking to make his club better and stronger and this year will see his two sons start a club in Birmingham. Staying true to the ethics and practices of authentic Chinese Kung Fu and lion dance, the Sifu Dave Hawkins lineage will long live on.

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